Catchment Characterisation Maps

The CatchmentCARE Project will aim to establish 3 water quality improvement projects in the Finn (Donegal-Tyrone); the Arney (Fermanagh-Cavan-Leitrim) and the Blackwater (Armagh-Tyrone-Monaghan) catchments and install 50 groundwater monitoring stations across the region.

This will be achieved through a combination of policy actions, catchment actions and community actions. The first phase of the CatchmentCARE project was a Scoping and Action Targeting Phase, designed to examine and investigate the 3 River Catchments. As a result of this, catchment characterisation reports were created for each catchment and these interactive story maps provide an overview of the detailed survey work undertaken by project partners.


Arney Catchment Characterisation Story Map


Blackwater Catchment Characterisation Story Map


Finn Catchment Characterisation Story Map

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