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Community Engagement & Education

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Community Engagement

Community actions took place across the Arney, Blackwater and the Finn, where the project supported innovative approaches to Knowledge Exchange. These brought together those with long term visions of sustainable catchment management, whilst supporting projects that included different stakeholders such as farmers, anglers, community groups and local schools. This bottom-up approach took into account local needs, knowledge, experience, and instilled a further commitment of local communities to the protection of their local river systems, catchment and associated water bodies.

One of the main deliverables of the CatchmentCARE Project was to therefore to design, develop and deliver a bespoke ‘Community Incentive Scheme’ (CIS) which would support local capacity building and knowledge exchange. The scheme supported cross border ‘catchment improvement projects’ in the Arney; Blackwater and Finn catchments. 37 separate projects were successfully funded over two phases of the CIS.

Examples of the kind of projects supported in the CIS included practical water-quality improvement projects, education and awareness campaigns, access to loughs and rivers, volunteer training, specialised equipment, community river trails, bio-blitzes, citizen science projects and interpretation and signage.

To learn more about all of these projects, please click on the link below to download the 'CIS Legacy Document'

Education Programmes

Our local rivers and river catchments are excellent resources for teaching young people about the need to protect our natural environment. CatchmentCARE developed and delivered a series of very successful Curriculum based Education programmes that helped young people across the 3 Catchments learn about their local rivers and inspired them to take action to protect them into the future.

These programmes were rolled out between 2019 – 2022 over three separate phases –

  • A pilot education programme in 2019
  • An online series of ‘River Education Videos (10 episodes) in 2020 & 2021
  • A final ‘Education Roadshow’ in 2022

To learn more about the CatchmentCARE Education work with local school, please click on the link below to download the ‘EDUCATION LEGACY DOCUMENT’

Education Pilot Programme Catchment Videos

Arney Catchment -
Blackwater Catchment -
Finn Catchment (English) -
Finn Catchment (Irish) -

An introduction advert for ‘The River” can be viewed on our You Tube channel at:

There are five episodes in the SERIES 1 , each accompanied by a teacher’s pack and teacher notes. The programmes are linked to the NI curriculum at KS2 (P5 – P7) and the ROI curriculum (Classes 3, 4 and 5). The five episodes are as follows -

Episode 1 - “The River– Where it all begins”
Episode 2 - “How to build a river”
Episode 3 - “Creatures of the River”
Episode 4 - “The Magic Moving River”
Episode 5 - “All my fault!”

There are five episodes in the SERIES 2, The five episodes are as follows -

Episode 1 "Tangled"
Episode 2: "Wer RU"
Episode 3 "EIEIO"
Episode 4 "School Of Rocks"
Episode 5: "Little Fishy"